Postdoctoral Researchers

Currently there is one available position. Potential research areas include high-resolution dynamic downscaling using the Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model, attribution of regional precipitation changes, regional climate change at convective resolving spatial scales, and extreme weather/climate events.  

 In contrast to positions from currently available project-based funds, you can also apply for fellowships that will enable you to set your own direction.

Graduate Students

Unfortunately, the group is unable to offer any funding for new graduate student positions in Fall 2024. However, you can find further information regarding the Earth and Environmental Sciences graduate program here. The application deadline for the August (fall semester) intake is January 15th, and for Spring is July 15th. It is important to note that the GRE is not mandatory. Applications will be evaluated by a faculty committee, and decisions will be made accordingly.

 Undergraduate Researchers

If you are a current undergraduate student at UIC and wish to join the group, please contact Professor Akinsanola via email. There are various opportunities available, including research for academic credit. If your progress is satisfactory, there may be potential for paid positions during the summer. Alternatively, you can choose to undertake research as part of a senior research thesis project. Possessing coding and data analysis skills, as well as coursework in subjects such as atmospheric science, physics, and math, would be beneficial for joining the group. Ideally, after approximately one year of research, you may have the opportunity to submit a publication to a peer-reviewed journal.